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The end of Sunnydale--Buffy, series finale

Last week we finished the last disc of the last series of Buffy. Keeping withdrawal symptoms down with chocolate and, of course, ordering Netflix to send me Angel: season 5 stat.

First, I just have to say, wtf was up with the Angel/Buffy snog in the second-to-last episode? It felt rather out of character for both of them, though especially for Angel. Doesn't he love Cordy now, who is currently comatose, missing, and maybe dead? Didn't he just mostly-sorta kill his son? Shouldn't he therefore not be quipping and twinkling at Buffy as if he hasn't a care in the world? It's like they wanted to force the issue of the vampire love triangle, and make sure we touched base with Buffy's first real love before closing the series out--which I understand, but it was a weird way to do it.

All the same, Spike's reaction was pretty amusing. (My favorite lines: "How's tall, dark, and forehead?" and "You've got Angel breath".) And though it probably annoyed some folks, I approved of the final Spuffy moment, when she says, "I love you" and he answers, "No you don't. But thanks for saying it." That at least felt honest.

Also, I know some people hate Xander, but I loved him throughout and feel so sorry for him now, what with the loss of an eye and Anya.

Oh! And Nathan Fillion's part was awesome. What fun he must have had with that.

By the way, Andrew is great. I was glad he got his own episode, in "Storyteller." Too funny--veering into serious and heavy at the very end. Nerd In Pain, I have a soft spot for thee.

Here's hoping they tackle the Hellmouth in Cleveland next! But I won't hold my breath.'s that season 8 comic? Should I hunt it down?
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