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Angel mid-season 5. "He's my Frodo."

I have now reached the middle of season 5 of Angel; just saw the episode "You're Welcome". So then:

Man, this season has been all over the map! They hit possibly the lowest, lamest point ever in "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco," but came soaring back with great episodes like "Destiny" and "Damage" and the aforementioned "You're Welcome."

Regarding that one: *sniffle*! I got teary at the goodbye kiss, even before realizing Cordy was dead. Then when she said he had to pick up the phone, I knew what he would hear, and got even sadder. The use of Doyle footage added appropriate poignancy to that episode. I've never quite gotten over his death, same as I never quite got over Oz's departure on BtVS. I seem to have a thing for the sweet little guys. In any case: arrivederci, Cordelia. You had a hell of a good character arc, though were ill used in season 4, and are welcome to come back from the dead yet again in the remainder of season 5, though it's looking unlikely now. *sigh*

Also back, to be disposed of in that episode, was our old buddy Lindsey. I had hoped he'd be fighting for the good guys upon his return. Ah well. Now the senior partners are torturing him in some other dimension, I guess. Nice seeing you, briefly, though anyone who loves Eve deserves torture.

Did I mention I dislike Eve intensely? I suppose you'll all rise up now crying, "Nooo, I loooove her! She's so awwwwesome!" Well, too bad. I literally cackled when Harmony flew across the room to punch her in the face.

Speaking of which, I actually like Harmony now. She amused me before, of course, but with the "Harm's Way" episode I gained true sympathy for her. I've been an executive assistant myself (for a length of mere months, which felt like centuries), and oh, how I sympathized for poor Harm. Even though I'm not evil.

Spike as a ghost was entertaining, but I like him recorporealized better, and it's good to see him and Angel hash out their inevitable Buffy issues now and then: "She never loved you" vs "But I got to have sex with her a bazillion times," both of which are bitter blood-capsules to swallow. It's even better when they make up, which they do both in awkward, funny form (Angel: "I... actually... liked your poetry." Disgusted Spike: "You like Barry Manilow!"), and in meaningful form. I'm thinking here of their conversation after Spike gets his hands sewed back on (ouch!), in which Angel admits that, as Angelus, killing was always obsessive art to him, the total destruction of a human being; and Spike admits he just saw it as a party with no consequences. I've often thought it odd that Spike, who as William was a sensitive thinker, became the party-boy vampire, while Angel, who as Liam was the party boy, became the psycho-artistic vampire. Guess that demon works in strange ways.

Wesley thinking he shot his dad was heavy. Poor Wes. I do see some bright gleams of hope in the Love With Fred department, though. Heck, we haven't seen cute-but-not-a-contender Knox for many episodes now. (Good to see the return of the therapist vampire actor there.)

However, my favorite return has got to be Andrew--82% more manly than before! Hee! Wow, who knew his hair could do that British '70s Academia Guy thing? And the whole emotional LOTR speech, while hugging resurrected Spike--oh, you guys know that made my day. Freaking hilarious. And strangely sweet. Anyway, the truly cool thing about that episode, I thought, was how it ended: Andrew and the two dozen Slayerettes ("Not one of whom has dated you, Angel") drawing the line in the sand, themselves on the good side and Angel on the no longer trustworthy side. Made me realize that's always been a difference between the two series: BtVS always seemed to be clearer on the "We're doing good" objective; it was more black and white. Angel lurks more often in the gray areas, especially now that they work for Wolfram & Hart. Anyway, I hope we see Andrew and the Slayers again, but it feels doubtful.

I think I've covered most of what I meant to say. Remind me if I missed something.
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