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Molly J. Ringwraith

Angel: "Smile Time" & "A Hole in the World"

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Buffy Spike
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Angel: "Smile Time" & "A Hole in the World"

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Buffy Spike
Just saw those two episodes, so some brief thoughts...

"Smile Time": Insane, and hilarious. Angel as a puppet was so absurd, and the best was watching everyone try to keep a straight face. The absolute best was Spike giggling uncontrollably even as enraged-puppet-Angel tried to beat him up. "Look at you! You're a little puppet man!" Lorne gets a close second, cradling the wounded puppet Angel and telling him, "Keep fighting! Is there a Geppetto in the house?" I grin just remembering it. As for werewolf Nina...hmm, dare I hope they use her as a way to bring Oz in for another cameo? And ending with the Fred/Wesley kiss: yay! I anticipated much cuteness on their part for the next episode, and so...

"A Hole in the World": Break my heart, will you. Agh. I knew from the opening blissful cute kissing that something awful was about to happen to them. And from seeing that Joss actually wrote and directed the episode, I knew it was going to be done really well--i.e., was going to hurt like hell to watch. Which, gads, it did. I adore all the Angel team boys for loving Fred so much, but my latent affection for Wesley is now real love, and I sniffled throughout the Fred-sickbed scenes. That's got to be in the top five tearjerking Buffy-Angel-verse moments. I'm still hurting as I type it. And uh-oh, Fred is now blue. That can't be good.

Knox. You little jerk. Well, he was destined to turn out bad. Works (make that "worked"--thank you for taking him out, Gunn) for W&H, after all.

And yes, I've seen 'Firefly', before 'Buffy' even. I just didn't quite remember him, since it's been a while.

Anyway...*sigh*. Can someone fetch Wesley over here so I can cuddle him and make him feel better?
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