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Nearing the end of 'Angel,' and, God help me, the attractiveness of Spangel

I have only one episode remaining in the Angel series, and will probably have some choice words to say after seeing it, but for now, let's discuss the latest few...

OK, so Gunn didn't take out Knox. Revise that credit to Wesley; thank you, Wes. (Still, Knox was kind of dishy in his clueless way. Sorry you were evil; bye-bye, Knox.) In "Shells," both Wes and Gunn got me tearful with their Fred-angst. Urf, the heaviness. So luckily things lightened up a bit, or at least got interestingly weird...

Suburban Lindsey was so cute! For that matter, so was suburban Connor. And on the latter, I like how they wrapped up his storyline. For one thing, he remembers everything again but is no longer psycho, and is opting out of the dangerous life, which is probably wise; and for another, now poor Wes remembers too, and has yet another reason to hate his unfortunate existence. Man, this guy is an inspiration for all of us who feel like things never turn out right for us. They turn out disastrous for him, but he keeps chugging along, improving his mind, doing his best.

Since I didn't much like Eve, I'm delighted to see Adam Baldwin take her place. He really IS well-dressed! And, in my opinion, sexier than his Jayne persona, just because of the smarts and the smooth voice. A good addition to the final episodes.

Spike is brilliant lately. His "training" with Illyria cracked me up, especially the clipboard. ("No touching my clipboard!") Also, my favorite snarky line from him to her: "Dear Penthouse: I don't normally write letters like this, but..."

And...all right...I learned later that "The Girl in Question" was considered sub-par by a lot of fans, but I loved it--predominantly the Rome section. It felt like BtVS, is probably why: fast, silly, off-the-wall, chock-full of absurd relationship tangles. The flashback with Darla and Dru had us rolling. "I feel like sunshine!" And, notably, Angelus whining, "You never let us do that!" [i.e., "Concurrent" sex with the two women.] Boy, that gets the mind's engines humming, you know? Especially in combination with Spike's line in the next episode, "Angel and I were never intimate. Well, except the one..." Makes you think maybe Dru and Darla gave in to that "concurrent" request eventually.

Regarding Spike's "intimate" line, Joss apparently said on the commentary, "You really think they never? Come on!" Which kind of makes it text rather than subtext or delusion, so now it's in my head, nourished by the constant, obsessive, delightful bickering between the two. Dear, dear, dear. So, all I'm saying is, theoretically, if you left me any links to good fanfic that explores these themes, I might, if I had time someday, maybe glance at it. Possibly.

*looks around for that halo, which I seem to have misplaced*

Uh, where was I? Oh, right, regarding "The Girl in Question" again: we're really supposed to believe Andrew isn't gay? Well, maybe he's bi, but that's as far as I'm stretching, despite his "people change" line. And I see the point in not actually showing The Immortal--he could never live up to the hotness implied, unless they managed to get Johnny Depp in the role or something. But how sad is it that they couldn't get Sarah Michelle Gellar for even a cameo, that all they could do was splash some blonde hair around? Don't know if that was a budget constraint, or her own absolute refusal, but it still felt a little sad that she never appeared in this season.

Well, she has one episode left. But I'm not holding my breath.

Good stuff, darn it, and now I've ordered the first two issues of the Buffy: Season 8 comic. Fangirl, signing off.
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