Molly J. Ringwraith (mollyringwraith) wrote,
Molly J. Ringwraith

Redirect! Back to mollyringle.

Having all these different journals grows tedious, especially since I don't post all that often on any of them. Therefore I'm going to abandon this one and post all my fandom stuff on my usual journal, mollyringle. Please add it to your friends list if you want to keep reading and discussing my varied and unpredictable interests in the world of books, movies, TV, and everyday life. I really hope you come on over! I've loved the discussions here and don't really want anything to change, except the confusion of having to log in with the other name.

I'll leave this one up, since there are so dang many entries, and links to it, but I might someday try to export the entries to mollyringle. I'll definitely export the icons--got lots of slots to fill on that permanent journal's userpic list!

By the way, we watched the "Angel" series finale last night. *sigh* End of an era...except for those upcoming comic books! Hope to discuss this all, later on, at my main journal. So come on over! See you there! Yay!
Tags: angel, lj business
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