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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, condensed, part 1 of 2

With no introduction and lots of spoilers, here we go...

By mollyringwraith, with all the usual apologies, disclaimers, and gratitude in J.K. Rowling's direction.

READERS settle into their seats and gather up their Character Death Bingo cards.
READER A: I heard Rowling's going to kill off two major characters. I bet it's--
READER B: Shh! Don't say!
READER C: Well, I bet Snape's not actually evil.
READER D: I bet Dumbledore is actually evil.
READER E: I bet Sirius comes back.
READER F: I bet Hermione marries Draco.
READER G: Shh! It's starting!
The clock strikes midnight. The audience hushes. UPS delivers a buttload of books. The final installment begins... Collapse )

Edit: Second half is here!
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'Angel' notes, mid-season 4:Collapse )

'Buffy' notes, mid-season 7:Collapse )

As for Harry Potter book 7, I'm in the middle of it, and I do plan to write a condensed parody version too. Whee. I bet that really lightens your post-series gloom.


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Random Buffyverseness (BtVS s7, AtS s4)

I recall hearing that people overall preferred Angel to Buffy, as a series. I'm now wondering if that was a "last word" effect. Namely, Angel ran for a year after Buffy ended, and although I haven't seen Angel's final season yet (nor even the majority of season 4), I am fairly confident in saying it's better than most of Buffy seasons 6 and 7. But how well would Angel stack up against the golden seasons 2 thru 5 of Buffy? A much closer race, I'd say.

What I mean to say tonight is, yeah, A:s4 feels much stronger to me than B:s7 right now. I just got thru "Apocalypse Nowish" in the former (such a Joss title; I love it), and "Sleeper" in the latter. Collapse )

We can agree Dawn's annoying, though, right? Or am I the odd one out on that opinion too?

Well, anyway, we'll all have Harry Potter to read in a few days for massive distraction. I'll now remind you that this is a good time to review my condensed version of Half-Blood Prince to refresh your memory on where all the plot points stand. :) (I'll think about doing one for Deathly Hallows too, but I just know I'll be far behind everyone else, what with my baby-related schedule. So, we'll see.)
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A few words on musicals

I have three things to say regarding musical theater tonight.

1) After closing in Toronto a while back, the 'Lord of the Rings' musical is now retooled and running in London. People say it looks pretty, but that in order to make sense of the plot you need to have read the books. Is that entirely a bad thing? Anyway, on the official site you can watch a trailer of sorts, and hear a bit of music. I remain curious.

2) As a Mel Brooks admirer, I am delighted to learn that Young Frankenstein is now a Broadway-bound musical! Its pre-Broadway run is taking place here in Seattle in August. Cool. Apparently the songs include (of course) "Puttin' on the Ritz" and "He Vas My Boyfriend". Those familiar with the movie can grin along with me at those titles.

3) The place where nobody dared to go... Also on its way to Broadway, this one on speeding roller skates, is Xanadu. Since the movie's soundtrack went double-platinum but the movie's plot and execution is considered one of the hokiest in history, the play's creators wisely are keeping the music but extensively rewriting the story and characters. Or so I gather. This sounds like it could be horrifying anyway, but I have to confess I would love to see it. (*Molly hides the CD of the movie soundtrack, which naturally she does not own, same as she doesn't own the soundtrack to The Pirate Movie*.)
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Angel mostly (Dance of Joy!); some Buffy (no dance! all angst!)

For once, I'm at a point in my viewing experience where "Angel" is the fun, lighthearted series and "Buffy" is the heavy, depressing one. I fell behind schedule with "Angel", so they aren't lining up at the same chronological spot, but anyway, I just finished A. season 2, and the episode "Seeing Red" in B. season 6. Yeah. Collapse )

"Angel" has been warming on me this season, and burst into brilliance with the final three episodes where they visit Lorne's home planet. So creative--and so funny! (Felt like "Firefly", by the way, this visiting of other planets. Though of course "Firefly" came later.) Incidentally, I was all confused for a while there. I kept hearing, "Oh, you'll meet Lorne soon" and "I'm curious what you'll think of Lorne" without realizing that I *had* met Lorne, and that we just don't know his name is "Lorne" until about three-quarters of season 2 is over.

Possibly the funniest moment was the Dance of Joy performed by Numfar--a.k.a. Joss Whedon! I was a basket of giggles, especially upon learning who played Numfar.

Song and dance moments are always good comedy in Joss's hands. Thus I really do love Lorne and the Caritas karaoke plot device. It even turned me around on my opinion of Lindsay. Before he did his little guitar number, I found him unattractive. He had the physical makings of a good-looking guy, but the whole slimy-lawyer veneer turned me off. Then he pulled the awesome performance in the bar, and suddenly I thought, "Wow, he's dreamy!" (Much like Angel's crew thought. Heheh.) Plus, the whole "evil hand!" sequence in the W&H meeting was pretty funny.

Think those comprise my thoughts for now. Yes.
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Shipper Theory 101, veering back into Spuffyland

Some people have studied, written, and taught, in quite scholarly fashion, upon the subject of fanfiction. I'm not one of them. I only dabble, as I do in so many things. But concerning the "shipper" variety of fanfic--that is, the overwhelming majority of fanfic; the ones featuring romantic relationships between characters--I have always assumed that people were shipping characters who weren't going to get any action together in canon; I figured that was the whole point. For example, Kirk and Spock, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, Mulder and Scully (up until the last couple seasons), or anyone in Tolkien.

So therefore I wonder: Collapse )

The scene was sexy, yes, but also sober and disturbing. Buffy is now light years away from the anxious teenage girl who asked Angelus, "Was I not good?" Given what happened with him, though, it's no wonder she's guarded around Spike.

Well, others have already said way more about this than I have time to. That's the trouble of arriving late in a fandom--everything has already been said. Still, it's eating my brain lately, so even though no one reads LJ on Saturdays, I had to write this up.

[Edit:] "Gone with the Wind" tag added here for some really cool comparative discussion in the comments. :)